How to Edit: A Clear Voice is Everything

Do images in your mind fall short when transformed into words on a page? Do you struggle to capture your authentic voice in everyday communications? Editing maximizes the impact and efficiency of a message, and increases the potential to achieve a desired outcome. Whether writing emails, academic essays, applications, résumés, personal statements, portfolios, elevator pitches, stories, poems or website copy, a strong edit is powerful enough to transform an idea into a  masterpiece–emails into successful projects, manuscripts into published books and beloved stories. Using Google Docs we will learn multiple techniques for invigorating language, clarifying communication and maximizing your voice. 

By the end of the workshop, students will be able to:  

  • Apply professional editing standards to various forms of writing 

  • Understand literary and stylistic techniques used to craft voice 

  • Analyze and elevate structure and diction 

  • Create checklists applicable across forms 

  • Complete an editing exercise in real time 

Students must have access to “Google Docs” to participate in this workshop. 

Workshop Facilitator  
Marie-Hélène Westgate (she/her), Writer and Editor 

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