DEM Courses

CCT224H5 Performance Assessment (DEM) (SSc)
CCT225H5 Information Systems (DEM) (SSc)
CCT226H5 Data Analysis I (DEM) (SSc)
CCT261H5 Information Architecture and Usability (DEM) (SSc,EXP)
CCT319H5 Economics and the Digital Firm (DEM) (SSc)
CCT321H5 Foundations of Finance and Financial Management (DEM) (SSc)
CCT324H5 Organizational Theory and Behaviour (DEM) (SSc)
CCT354H5 Digital Marketing: Planning, Executing and Evaluating (DEM) (SSc)
CCT355H5 Trends in Digital Innovation (DEM) (SSc)
CCT361H5 Scripting for Management (DEM) (SSc,EXP)
CCT401H5 Advanced Thesis Course (DEM) (SSc)
CCT424H5 Strategic Innovation (DEM) (SSc)
CCT461H5 Inside Emerging Technologies (DEM) (SSc,EXP)
CCT474H5 Organizational Innovation and Digital Leadership (DEM) (SSc)
MGD415H5 E-Business Strategies (SSc)
MGD420H5 Global Digital Industries (SSc)
MGD421H5 Technological Entrepreneurship (SSc)
MGD422H5 Management of Technological Innovation (SSc)
MGD423H5 Technology in Organizations (SSc)
MGD425H5 Macroeconomics and the Knowledge Economy (SSc)
MGD426H5 Enterprise Risk Management (SSc)
MGD427H5 Advanced Legal Issues (SSc)
MGD428H5 Project Management (SSc)
MGD429H5 Data Analysis II (SSc)
MGD430H5 Knowledge Management and Strategy (DEM) (SSc)