Dana Peterson

I am addicted to learning and my experience in ICCIT fed that addiction. I graduated from the Human Communication and Technology specialist program.  I found the combination of classes on perception and human behaviour combined with hands on learning of technology set me up to continue in the pursuit of higher education. In my opinion education shouldn't exist in silos, so I wanted to combine two disciplines that often exist in silos - psychology and technology. I found a master's program at the University of Waterloo that offered interdisciplinary learning in their Masters of Digital Experience Innovation program. The base of knowledge I have from ICCIT set me up to excel in my masters and even has me thinking I would like to one day pursue a Ph.D... but who knows.

If you are interest in pursuing education and have question please feel free to reach out to me. My email is dmpetersen@gmail.com

Good luck in your studies!

Update: Dana is now a Field Engineer and UX Researcher at Samsung Electronics, Plano, Texas.