Creating Cultures of Belonging in a Disconnected World

What does it mean to belong to a community, an institution or a friendship? The research makes clear that belonging is a cornerstone for wellness, so why is it still such an elusive concept to most of us? In this workshop, we'll use a mix of expressive writing, small group discussion, and storytelling to dig into the big questions and explore the connection between belonging, learning and creating media that sustains us.

This is a vulnerability-friendly class where participants will be encouraged to focus on connection over perfection, and to share their lived experiences with each other as much as they feel comfortable.

Participants will:

  • consider and explore belonging as a concept in their own life stories and desires for the future
  • explore the impossible task of defining belonging, both objectively as a reality that can be built, and subjectively as a personal, lived experience that may be fleeting
  • discern between a "culture of competition" and a "culture of belonging" and identify the challenges of building both in the same location
  • unpack the idea of belonging to our work, and creating media that furthers our need for human connection

This workshop will be run from an anti-oppressive framework. This means that as a facilitator I question the power I bring to the room, centre the lived experiences of participants, work from a diverse framework of research and voices, and hold myself accountable to the group for how well I am curating a welcoming space for all. Feedback is encouraged.

Workshop Facilitator:
Chris Kay Fraser (she/her), Director and writing coach, Firefly Creative Writing

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