Certificate in Digital Communication

photo of cct building with a text on top that the certificate is no longer available for students after fall 2022

Note: The Sheridan certificate will no longer be an option for students entering ICCIT in Fall 2022; however, students who began their ICCIT program(s) before then will be able to complete the requirements up until Winter 2024. Alternatively, students are   encouraged to explore the workshops available through the newly launched Certificate of Completion in Media Skills, as they are available to all ICCIT in-program students at no additional cost. For more information about Media Skills workshops, please see our Media Skills Workshops & Facilitators page.

In addition to receiving an honours degree from the University of Toronto, ICCIT students who successfully complete CCIT Major or DEM Specialist programs have the opportunity to obtain a Certificate in Digital Communications from Sheridan College. Entry into ICCIT programs is limited. Students are urged to read the program information in the calendar carefully and to consult the institute. Full details can be found in the Academic Calendar.

In order to qualify for a Certificate in Digital Communication:

  • CCIT Major students must take a total of 3.0 credits (2 half credits at the 200 level and 4 half credits at the 300/400 level) at Sheridan College
  • DEM students can fulfill the requirements for the certificate with 1 half credit at the 200 level and 5 half credits at the 300/400 level at Sheridan College

How do I obtain the Sheridan certificate?

  • UTM students graduating from the CCIT program at the June convocation will be invited to attend Sheridan’s October Convocation. Sheridan will review eligible graduates to ensure the certificate requirements are met – typically, invitations are sent out in mid-July/early August to your Sheridan email address. As such, please be sure to monitor your email account regularly.
  • Unlike UTM, you do not need to request graduation with Sheridan – it will be done automatically.
  • If you are unable to attend the October ceremony, the certificate will be mailed to your mailing address listed on ACORN (in October). Ensure your recent contact information is updated at Sheridan and UTM.