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The ICCIT Student Mentorship Program is looking for its 2022-2023 mentor cohort! The application form closes on June 17th. 

About the mentors

Joining the ICCIT Student Mentorship Program as a mentor is the perfect opportunity to have a positive impact on the ICCIT community. Share your university experience with second-year ICCIT students and help them make the most of their ICCIT student journey.

Mentors are supported by ICCIT Undergraduate Advisors, Program Coordinators, and senior mentors. 

Consider becoming a mentor

Student mentors are role models and leaders. They give back to their community and help other students achieve their full potential. As a mentor you will help second-year students connect with UTM and ICCIT resources and support them during their overall transition into the ICCIT.

As a mentor you will help second-year students connect with resources important to their academic, personal and professional success.

As an ISMP mentor, you will:

  • Share your university experience and knowledge about UTM and ICCIT resources with newly admitted ICCIT students
  • Support newly admitted ICCIT students during their transition into the ICCIT
  • Help mentees to make the most of their university experience
  • Connect mentees with useful resources important to their academic, personal and professional success

Eligibility to be an ICCIT student mentor:

  • 3rd or upper year ICCIT students studying within PWC, TCS, CCIT or DEM
  • Able to commit up to 9 hours per month
  • Knowledgeable about UTM & ICCIT resources
  • Able to communicate accurate and timely information about student life
  • Interested in giving back to the ICCIT community
  • Willing to share your experiences and provide guidance to newly admitted students
  • Wanting to build leadership, coaching and communication skills

Program logistics:

The program runs throughout the Fall & Winter academic terms. It involves about one monthly group session and one-on-ones with mentees as needed. 
To encourage your commitment to this program, this position will be added to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

Responsibilities as a mentor:

  • Attend and participate in all mandatory training during the Summer prior to the academic year
  • Design and submit a monthly session to support your mentees in their professional and personal development
  • Track your mentees’ attendance to the sessions
  • Be available to mentees for up to 8 hours per month, including responding promptly to their queries and concerns
  • Become familiar with the needs of your mentees and promote appropriate UTM and ICCIT resources
  • Facilitate group and individual activities

Meet the 2021-2022 mentors

Every new academic year, the ICCIT Student Mentorship Program hires a new team of devoted mentors.

For 2021-2022, the program hired 24 student mentors, who are all in the ICCIT stream (CCIT, DEM, TCS & PWC). 





If you have more questions regarding the program, you can kindly message the Program Coordinator, Marie-Philippe Généreux for help at