Become a Mentor

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Are you interested in supporting ICCIT second-year students as they navigate their transition to the ICCIT community? 

Feel like giving back to the ICCIT community? Joining the ICCIT Student Mentorship Program as a mentor is the perfect opportunity to do so.
Share your university experience with second-year ICCIT students and help them make the most out of their ICCIT student journey.  

Why mentor?

Student mentors are role models and leaders. They give back to their community and help other students achieve their full potential.

As a mentor you will help second-year students connect with resources important to their academic, personal and professional success, and support their overall transition into ICCIT.

To encourage your commitment to this program, this is a paid position and your participation will add to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

You should become a mentor if you:

  • Are 3rd or upper year ICCIT students.
  • Are able to commit up to 9 hours per month.
  • Are knowledgeable about UTM and its community resources and are able to communicate accurate and timely information about these student resourcesWant to give back to the ICCIT community.
  • Want to share your experiences and provide guidance to newly admitted students.
  • Want to build leadership, coaching and communication skills.

Program Logistics

The mentoring program runs throughout the fall and winter terms, that is, from September 2021 to April 2022. The program involves about one monthly group session and one-on-ones with mentees as needed.

Between 60 and 90 minutes in length, the group sessions are to take place online via virtual meetings (please note that this may change throughout the academic year according to local authority guidelines).

Responsibilities as a Mentor

  • Attend and participate in all mandatory training in August, prior to the academic year. The training is designed to prepare mentors for the academic year and equip them with necessary skills to deal with a variety of scenarios.
  • On a monthly basis, submit a mentorship summary file which tracks session plans and reviews mentees’ attendance.
  • Become familiar with the needs of mentees, develop a rapport with the students in the group, promote awareness of UTM resources, and facilitate group activities discussions.
  • Be available to students for up to 9 hours and respond promptly to queries and concerns.