Akshay Kochar

As a student of the ICCIT program, I was able to take great advantage of a vast selection of courses available to me. Two of those courses were the internship program with Professor Tracy Bowen and the Project Management course with Professor Fuller. Combined, these two courses lead me to a career in Project Management and showed me what I wanted to do in the real world. The internship program allowed me to experiment in a real world environment and help me establish my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to build upon the experience by also implementing the use of information interviews, a concept introduced to me by Professor Bowen. Information interviews allowed me to network with industry representatives and learn from their experience and background. The Project Management course introduced me to the fundamentals of Project Management and the different types of industries that I could work in as a PM. I consider myself truly lucky to come from an amazing program, at a reputable University, with some of the greatest professors.