Activating Mental Clarity with Creative Writing

Do you ever feel like something’s blocking you from starting your next assignment or project? In this workshop, we’ll use creative writing to hone in on what’s getting in the way of getting started and explore the root of our resistance so that we can develop skills and tools to bring back momentum and mental clarity. Creative writing can be a powerful tool for exploration and reflection, and together we’ll create powerful counter-techniques to support us when the inner critic shows up.

This workshop is based on neuroscience research and grounded in writing and coaching practices. There will be lots of self-reflection, writing, and sharing. Students will walk away with:

  • Understanding writing tools and practices to carry forward
  • Analyzing which tools to use when they feel stuck
  • Incorporating a neuroscience-based process into their routine

Workshop Facilitator:
Sophia Apostol (she/her) , Creative Writing Coach & Facilitator 

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