The Faculty of Information (iSchool) on the University of Toronto St. George campus is a graduate division recognized as a significant, international leader in the fields of information and knowledge management. The ICCIT and the Faculty of Information have had a natural affinity in the past due to similarities in program focus and shared faculty members, and the new Interactive Digital Media (IDM) program officially establishes a formal relationship. For the Faculty of Information, Interactive Digital Media, its first undergraduate program, provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in information systems and new media design. A strong link with a graduate division enhances the ICCIT’s research potential and exposes students to junior and senior scholars, allowing for project-base learning opportunities. A particular correspondence exists between the ICCIT and the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI), an interdisciplinary institute within the Faculty of Information that offers collaborative graduate programs that appeal to our students’ interest in applying.

Shuttle transportation is offered regularly between UTM and the St. George campus. Schedules can be found at: