Record of Employment

A record of Employment (ROE) records an employee's employment history and is provided by the employer. The ROE is then to be submitted to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) who in turn uses the information provided on the form to determine employment insurance eligibility, benefit amount and length of claim.

The Employment Insurance (EI) system is based on actual hours worked and actual insured earnings. Therefore your record of employment will report your basic employee data along with the total sum of earnings, the first day worked, the last day paid, the total hours worked in the last year (or shorter, or since the last ROE was issued). It should be noted that only the following monies may be included on an ROE:

  • earnings that have had Employment Insurance deducted;
  • monies received including retiring allowances, vacation pay on termination or payment of statutory holiday pay.

If you are ending an employment contract or session and will not be returning to work within 7 (seven) consecutive days, it will be your responsibility to request an ROE from Human Resources.  Please contact Claremont Uy at 905-828-5251 or by email at However if you are on sessional leave (excluding teaching assistants), maternity leave, or have resigned, an ROE will be completed automatically for you. Upon completion of the form, one copy will be sent to the employee's last submitted home address or available for pickup at your request, one copy will be sent to HRDC and one copy will be retained in the employee's file.

Please note that receiving and filing a completed ROE with HRDC does not guarantee the claim will be allowed. Claims are strictly approved by the Government and not the employer.

Information on applying for Employment Insurance benefits:

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