UTM Residence COVID-19 Updates

Last updated: Friday November 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM

You can find some updates or general information regarding residence and COVID-19. We will try our best to update this page regularly as the situation is changing dynamically. To help protect the health of the community, if you have any questions or concerns, we would kindly ask that you do not visit us in person, you can contact us via phone, LiveChat, and email. These contact methods are detailed in this webpage.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Will residence be open in the Fall?
    Yes, we’re planning to have students in residence this fall. We know that for many students, residence is an important part of the university experience and we look forward to welcoming you in September.  
  2. I cancelled my residence application, but I now want to live in residence. How can I re-apply?
    Please email our Residence Services Desk with your request.
  3. Do you have space available in residence?
    Yes we currently have spaces. You can learn more about applying here: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/housing/applying
  4. Will you still be honouring the first-year guarantee?
    We anticipate that we’ll be able to provide accommodation for all first-year students who need residence and we’re committed to ensuring that all students who receive and accept our offer are housed.  
  5. I'm worried about sharing a room due to concerns with COVID-19 transmission. Can you guarantee me a single room?
    We understand there are concerns around whether double rooms will be offered for the 2020 – 2021 academic year. As such, all residence rooms in UTM Student Housing & Residence Life will be single rooms for the 2020-2021 academic year. Other areas of residence will be filled as normal. We are monitoring recommendations from public health and will update students if there are any changes.
  6. What measures have UTM residence taken due to COVID-19 to ensure the facilities are safe for students?
    We’re working hard to implement several safety measures to help students stay safe and healthy in residence. These measures meet and, in some cases, exceed the recommendation set by public health officials. They include:   
    • All residences have updated signage that promotes physical distancing, hand washing, and other health and safety reminders.
    • Additional hand sanitizing dispensers have been installed in buildings.
    • Residence staff members have been trained on health and safety measures.
    • All spaces including high touch areas are cleaned on a more rigorous 7-day schedule.
    • All residences have implemented enhanced cleaning protocols that include disinfecting.
    • Additional physical distancing equipment, such as plexiglass barriers, are in place in areas following public health guidelines.   
  7. I'm an international student planning to move into residence. If I have to quarantine for two weeks when I first arrive, can I do so in residence?
    The University’s Mandatory Quarantine Accommodation program for students arriving into Canada will start on August 15th.
    The application form is available at residence.utoronto.ca. Please login with your UTORid and Password and complete the Mandatory Quarantine application.  
  8. How will meals be provided with meal plan?
    All campus dining outlets have put measures in place to ensure food safety for students. Please refer to the meal plan websites for more information: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/housing/residence-services/meal-plans
  9. My classes are mostly online so I'm not sure if I should live in residence. Any advice?
    We highly encourage all students to live in residence. Living in residence offers students numerous opportunities to meet and interact with peers, explore the campus environment, be part of a community, and find enriching experiences that go beyond the classroom. We will be providing a mix of virtual and in-person activities and invite you to explore the various activities your residences have to offer that will provide memorable experiences only available on campus.  UTM Residence also provides an exception first-year transitional support through our Student Leaders.  
  10. Will I have full access to all the residence amenities and spaces like common rooms?
    We're implementing measures to ensure safe access to residence amenities and spaces. This includes enhanced cleaning, additional signage, limiting capacity, and spacing of furniture. We may be required to limit access to these spaces as per public health guidelines and will be working closely with our residence communities if this does occur.
  11. How will I make friends and build relationships/community while social distancing in residence?
    Our residence staff members are working hard to ensure students feel connected, engaged, and academically supported in their residence communities through fun, virtual events and small in-person activities. We highly recommend students to attend Orientation in September to get connected. We are excited to welcome all students and our team is working exceptionally hard to give you the orientation you deserve! Find out more about what that looks like here: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/housing/residence-life/residence-orientation
  12. If I have an accessibility concern related to living in residence, where can I find more information?
    If you have any accessibility needs that may require physical modification to a room or a specific room style placement that residence can accommodate, please fill out the Personalized Accommodation Form (PAR) found on the StarRez application. For details on how to fill out this form, please check-out our Application Webinar (https://youtu.be/BOWuHW7fA-0).  You may also contact Accessibility Services if you have specific questions or concerns. You can contact them at:  www.utm.utoronto.ca/accessibility  
  13. If I can't come in September, can I move into residence later in the term of January? Will I still be guaranteed a space?
    You are able to defer your residence offer to begin in January 2021. More details regarding your guarantee coming soon.
  14. If I choose to not live in residence this year due to COVID-19, will I be guaranteed a space in residence in fall 2021? 
    No, the First Year Guarantee is only for your first year at UofT. Some residences have limited spaces for upper year students, and you would be eligible to apply for those. 
  15. When will I know what residence I'll be placed in?
    You should have received your residence placement already. Please make sure you check your UToronto email or the email you applied to residence with. Winter placements will be sent to students early December. 

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