Useful Acronyms for Students

Here is a list of commonly used acronyms and terminology to help you transition to your new home at UTM.


UTM- University of Toronto Mississauga


RSA- Residence Service Assistant, a student staff that works at the Residence Service Desk.


RSD- Residence Service Desk, the front desk for residence located in Oscar Peterson Hall.


Don- A student staff responsible for student communities and student support on residence.


PAL- Peer Academic Leader, a student staff responsible for academic support for students living in residence.


CA- Community Assistant, a senior student staff member supporting Don, PAL, and RSA teams


DoD- Don-on-Duty, a residence Don that is available outside of the RSD office hours in the case of emergency concerns or noise complaints on residence.


FFT- Faculty Field Trip, student-led event where they have the chance to socialize with professors outside of the academic environment.


FSG- Facilitated Study Group, chance for students to come together and study with the facilitation of a PAL.


CDC, CRTP, CC- Community Development Coordinator, Coordinator of Residential Transition Program, Communications Coordinator, titles of coordinators for Dons, PALs and RSAs respectively.


ECSpeRT- Erindale College Special Response Team, a team of volunteer Medical First Responders who provide first aid coverage to all students, staff, and visitors of the UTM campus.


RAWC- Recreation Athletic Wellness Centre, the primary gym, pool and wellness centre at UTM.


HCC- Health & Counselling Centre, full-time medical staff that to support students with both health and counselling related requirements, located in DV1123A


DV- William G Davis Building


IB- Instructional Centre


DH- Deerfield Hall


KN- Kaneff Centre


AX- Academic Annex


CCT- Communication, Culture, Information & Technology Building


CR/NCR- Credit/No Credit, With the CR/NCR option, course results don't impact your GPA, but may only be used for 2.0 credits for the total degree. Additionally, CR/NCR cannot be used with courses used towards program prerequisites.


IEC- International Education Centre, provides support for International students in regards to study permits and other needs for studying at U of T and Canada in general.


OST- Office of Student Transition, the Office of Student Transition hosts a variety of programming and initiatives designed to provide students with a strong academic and social foundation within a supportive learning environment.


SEC- Sexual Education Centre, the goal of the SEC is to provide information on all aspects of human sexuality in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


SHRL- Student Housing and Residence Life, is the department responsible for housing at UTM


SAR- Special Accommodation Request, a form that can be submitted in order to accommodate any types of necessary living requirements.

MV- MaGrath Valley Residence


PP- Putnam Place Residence


OPH- Oscar Peterson Hall Residence


EH- Erindale Hall Residence


MC- McLuhan Court


RH- Roy Ivor Hall Residence


LL- Leacock Lane Residence


SW- Schreiberwood Residence


ACORN-  Accessible Campus Online Resource Network, the primary system used by U of T to manage classes and payments.


LLC- Living Learning Community, a living community on UTM residence for students studying specific courses within a program.


ACE- Academic Culture and English, an academic English program to help students prepare for university level English.


ART- Artistic Resource Team, run a variety of arts initiatives on campus


WNLI- Waawaahte Northern Lights Initiative, indigenous experiential journey connecting with indigenous communities