rezNET Wireless

rezNET is the wireless Internet service for students living on campus. rezNET is designed to meet your educational needs. Each rezNET connection will receive a fair, but limited amount of bandwidth per week; this amount is based upon your uploads and downloads. It is important to note that all connections and devices share the bandwidth quota of 6GB/day and together add up to the bandwidth being used by the rezNET account. 

Connect to rezNET

To provide students with better services, new wireless infrastructure have been installed in all of the residences, being the first University of Toronto (UofT) residence offering wireless internet service.

Here is the connection information that you will need to setup your wireless device:

To connect to ‘UofT’ on residence:

  • Enter your Username and Password: UTORid and affiliated password
  • Accept the server certificate
  • After a few moments your computer will connect to the wireless network
  • Step-by-step instructions are available for PC, Mac and mobile devices.
  • For assistance with wired or wireless network access please contact IITS Services Help Desk.

Having Trouble With Your rezNET Internet?

If you are experiencing a problem with your Internet connection, all reports must be made directly to the Informational & Instructional Technology department.

The Informational & Instructional Technology department requests that reports are submitted immediately after the Internet comes back on, to help them investigate and assess where the interference could be within our residences. Location of the interference is key. Please submit a detailed report online to

Please keep in mind that it is very important for residence students’ to use one of the above options to report problems themselves and in a timely manner by contacting the Informational & Instructional Technology department. Contacting our Residence Services Desk will delay the response time.

Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Internet Interruptions:

If any planned system maintenance is to occur, the support team will update the Computing Services Twitter account to provide up-to-date status reports. This Twitter account is also helpful for Smartphone users in reporting any problems when rezNET is down. The Informational & Instructional Technology department will also communicate directly to rezNET user’s utoronto email accounts to provide information related to planned maintenance.

For full rezNET support and terms of use information, please visit the Informational & Instructional Technology department website at