Residence Experience Bursaries

The department of Student Housing & Residence Life highly values co-curricular learning experiences for students during their time in University. However, we recognize, these once in a lifetime experiences can be expensive and consequently not always accessible to everyone. Therefore, the department has developed a Residence Experience Bursary to help provide financial funds to current residence students so they can attend/participate in a co-curricular experience in which they may otherwise not be able to attend. The total amount of the bursary will be determined by the Bursary Committee and will be shared with the student once they have been awarded the bursary. The funds will be based on individual financial need. Funds are extremely limited so please ensure requests are accurate to only what is needed.

Residence Experience Bursaries are currently available for the following projects:


UTM Abroad Academic Experiences

  • Germany & Poland - SOC382H5F: Genocide and Memory, travel in October (Fall Reading Week)
  • Japan – ANT399Y5 ROP  (Fall Reading Week)
  • Hong Kong - RLG415H5S: Religion and Death (Winter Reading Week)
  • Dominican Republic - UTM290H5S Across the Atlantic and Back: A History and Ecology of Exploration, Conquest, and Exchange from 1492 to Now (Winter Reading Week)
  • Peru - BIO210Y5 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology (Winter Reading Week)

UTM Abroad Glocal Impact Projects

  • Thailand: Alternative Tourism (April break after exams)
  • Guatemala: Fair trade and social justice (April break after exams) 

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If you have any questions about the Residence Experience Bursaries please contact Jessica Charbonneau, Student Development Officer at

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