Residence Life


Residence Student Staff members with balloons that read UTM

Throughout your academic career at UTM, Residence Student Staff (RSS) host various events and programs for you and your community. These events and programs are designed to foster greater connections between you and other students living in residence.

At the beginning of the year, they create many opportunities for you to meet and interact with the people living within your specific residence area. This helps to form the bonds and friendships with other students who you will see regularly over your time in residence. 

Throughout the year, RSS will continue to help create opportunities to interact with other residence students but they will also design programs that help meet the needs of your specific community and to have fun together.

Residence Dons:
Residence Dons at UTM work hard to build a community and make you feel at home. From safety to social activities, Dons work to make your experience in residence unforgettable. Focusing on the social side of  transitioning to university, they are here to support and facilitate the adjustment to university life. Dons live in first year residence communities to provide a truly integrated experience and best support new students.

Residence Education Facilitators (REFs):
REFs work to facilitate the transition to university from a primarily academic standpoint. REFs live in first year communities, working with the Residence Dons to build a supportive net for new students. REFs facilitate study sessions, academic skills workshops and provide support for questions students may have.