Learning in Residence



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Through active participation in the residence experience, students will become conscientious life-long learners.

Our four learning goals listed below support you in your UTM transition and allow you to continue to develop as a student outside the classroom. Click here to see highlights from previous years and learn more about how our intentional initiatives could positively impact your residence experience.





Students will develop a greater sense of belonging by learning how to better communicate, resolve conflict and work with others in an effort to become contributing members of local, regional and global communities.




In relation to others, students will have the opportunity to learn alongside, and engage with diverse topics and identities such as ability, age, class, culture, ethnicity, gender, indigeneity, race, religion, sex and sexuality, students will develop a more empathetic and intersectional understanding of differences. Students will be provided with opportunities to establish, a deeper respect for others and their worldview.




Students will explore their concept of self, through their personal beliefs and values. By actively participating in a community of diverse identities, students will be encouraged to challenge their own perspectives through reflective practices.

Academic Development


A student’s academic transition to the university will be supported. A student will explore their passion for academia and gain an increased understanding of their individualized learning journey.


Our curriculum is integrated into many different residence experiences. Click on the buttons below to learn more about how we support your learning in residence!