Community Engagement

Interested in community service, leadership, social change or community development? The University of Toronto Mississauga offers a number of different ways for residence students to participate in mutually beneficial community engagement opportunities.

Community Day Events

When living in residence you will have the opportunity to participate in Community Day Events.  These short-term community engagement opportunities (1-2 days) provide you with the chance to connect with community partners and give back to the campus and surrounding area.

Students who participate in Community Day Events will receive an annotation on the Co-Curricular record and will be awarded their 1st or 2nd choice for Alternative Reading Week (ARW) should they decide to participate in that event.

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CE Event - Student engagement

Alternative Reading Week Experience

Alternative Reading Week (ARW) provides you an opportunity to learn more about, and to understand the local issues within the Region of Peel. This week long experience is designed to enhance the student experience with respect to community engagement.

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ARW Event, Student Engagement

Global Experience

The Global Experience provides students with an opportunity to learn more about, and to understand how the local issues within the Region of Peel relate to the larger global issues in the World. UTM's Global Experience program is a co-curricular activity abroad which involves community partners working directly with students on projects of interest to the community; the program is designed to enhance students' experiences with community engagement, leadership, social change and community development. 

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