Arts Festival

Performers on the ArtsFest stage

The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Arts Festival is an annual event that provides our students with opportunities to express themselves creatively regardless of academic discipline. This experience is unique and extremely valuable to our students who prove year after year that the UTM community is rich with talent that deserves to be showcased.

The Arts Festival is designed and carried out by the student based collective the Artistic Resource Team. This team is made up of students from the University who are dedicated to providing a voice for students through opportunities in the arts. The team offers volunteer opportunities in combination with performance and exhibition possibilities. The Artistic Resource Team hosts many events throughout the year to profile the arts on campus, however, the Arts Festival is the highlight of their celebrations.

The Arts Festival is a student-created visual art exhibition and performance showcase. Additionally, all submissions are adjudicated by esteemed members of the university and alumni community, with significant monetary prizes and artistic development opportunities for students. The Arts Festival also includes opportunities for audience participation, festival style performances, and artist workshops.

In collaboration with numerous students groups and departments, the Arts Festival is a true celebration of the artistic talents of our UTM students.