Waitlist Process

While we do our best to accommodate all applicants, every year we receive more applications than we have rooms available. The following is the process used to determine your waitlist number:

  • There are two lists created by category (First-year Applicants & Upper-year Applicants) which are then ordered by date and time the application was received;

  • As spaces become available in a specific category, an offer will be made to that specific category.

  • If a waitlist category is exhausted then an alternate category will be used to fill the space. This process will continue until no space remains or the waiting list is exhausted;

  • We will notify applicants through e-mail when a room becomes available and require an answer within two (2) business days. If we do not receive an email back within that time frame, we will move ahead with the next student on our list and your application will be cancelled;

  • If we offer you a residence room and you decline because you would like another housing style, your application will be cancelled. Application fees are non-refundable;

  • If you find alternate housing and you would like to cancel off the waiting list, please cancel via the Cancellation/Withdrawal form found in your StarRez application. More information about how to cancel can be found here. Verbal or phone cancellations will NOT be accepted;

  • The waitlist will remain active throughout the academic year;

  • It will be your responsibility to keep your contact information up-to-date directly through ACORN;

  • Application fees & Acceptance Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.