Foundations LLC




Take ownership of your educational path while discovering your learning strengths and interests as they relate to undergraduate research by participating in the Foundations LLC. In this multi-disciplinary residence community, students will have the opportunity to develop sustainable learning strategies while garnering a more informed perspective of the various undergraduate research pathways available for students at UTM. In collaboration with the Office of Student Transition and the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, this residentially-based community is designed for students enrolled in UTM118H5F during the 2019-2020 academic year. Students will live in common community in Erindale Hall and will be registered in the same lecture for UTM118 as a cohort. In collaboration with the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, this residentially-based community is designed for students enrolled in UTM118 during the fall term. Students enrolled in UTM118 in the winter term or in another utmONE course may also apply. Students interested in learning the foundations of being a successful student, learning how to live on their own for the first time, and want to give back to the community should apply now!

For more information on UTM118 please click here.

Course Requirement


UTM118- ‘utmONE: Science of Learning’
Preference will be given to those enrolled in the fall term. Winter term UTM118 students, or those enrolled in another utmONE course may also apply.

Previous Opportunities


Through the unique programming offered, in the past, members of this community have participated in the following:

  • Exclusive LLC Orientation and End-of-Year Dinner

  • Field trips with faculty to TEDxUofT

  • Local charity collection and donation

  • Skating and dinner with faculty

  • Upper-year and Alumni AMA panels

  • Presentation skills workshop

Residence Placement


Students enrolled in the Foundations LLC will be placed in McLuhan Court and all eligible candidates will be guaranteed Residence so long as they meet application and eligibility requirements. 

Hear from our students!


Hello! My name is Mya and I was a part of the Foundations LLC in the 2019-2020 academic year. Genuinely, I credit the LLC program as one of the top reasons for my success at UofT. Not only did the LLC allow for a comfortable, easy transition into residence life away from home as well as into my academics, but it also provided me with a great network of like-minded individuals who were studying the same material as me! Without the helpful guidance from my LLC PAL and peers, I don’t think I personally would have adjusted as well as I did to the university lifestyle. Putting yourself out there to make new friends can be really intimidating at first, so the LLC program was a fantastic way to engage with peers, get help on school work, and get to know some really cool people. What I enjoyed most about my time in the Foundations LLC was the opportunity to learn new academic skills and the safe space to ask any question that was on my mind. The LLC program also hosts two faculty field trips that allow the students to get to know their professors while doing something off-campus; my favourite event was when we donated food, hygiene products, and clothing to welfare centers in Mississauga and Toronto. The best part about these events is that we, the students, get to plan them!

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend to any new student who can to join the LLC program as it truly is such a helpful tool and experience!

Honoka - The LLC community allowed me to meet great friends and upper classmen who inspired me to take initiative and step out of my comfort zone. You really feel like you’re part of a family filled with inspired and hardworking peers, and it’s a lot of fun!