All Inclusive Academic Culture and English Program (ACE)

Ace Students

Welcome to ACE @ UTM Summer Housing!

Beginning your university career can be a major transition period in your life, filled with personal and academic growth. This phase should be fun and exciting! 

Living in Residence


ACE Dons

During your stay with us, you will live in a community with other ACE students. In this close community of students, you will have an ACE Don. This Don is an upper year student who will be here to guide and support you through your experience. 

ACE Residence Move-In & Orientation

ACE students living in Residence will take part in our unique ACE Residence Orientation programs. Orientation is an important event for all ACE students, providing an overall experience of the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and the areas surrounding campus, including the Greater Toronto Area.

During orientation, students will have the opportunity to meet fellow peers enrolled in the ACE program and upper year UTM student leaders. Through social activities, ACE students develop connections that will assist in the overall success of the program, and enhance their UTM experience. Things to look forward to at Orientation include: 

  • Campus tours

  • Trip to the stores

  • Karaoke night

  • Canada Day Firework Celebration

Living on residence provides easy access to events and attractions in the community. ACE students will have the opportunity to explore some of the many attractions Toronto has to offer.

Students living on residence will have the option to visit attractions in the area at a reduced cost. Some of the many attractions can include: Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto Metro Zoo, or the Toronto Blue Jays.

ACE Residence Programming

Those living in residence during the Summer ACE program will have access to additional programming.

  • English Language Learners Café

  • Faculty In Residence

  • Community Gatherings: Community gatherings bring the community together on a regular basis and allow students to receive important information about their community, residence and the campus. Although these gatherings are social, they also serve an important safety and administrative role, giving students a space to discuss various opportunities on campus.

  • Large Social Programs

Excellence Lives Here


Students participating in the Summer ACE Program are strongly encouraged to consider living on campus for the duration of their program. Living in residence provides students with the skills to be successful during their post-secondary education in Canada. Additionally, on average students living on campus are 15.6% more likely to successfully complete the ACE program than their peers who chose to live off campus. 

Chart showing the ACE success rates over the last three years.

“During the ACE program, the residence members gave me insight on how to succeed in academics and have an invigorating campus life. As the residence department says “excellence lives here.” I enjoyed meeting everyone in the program and got a strong bond by getting through the difficulties together as one. This residence did not merely provide a place to sleep, but a place to make life-long friends and experiences that will last throughout my life." – Jun, past ACE student