Student Meal Plans

Policies, Terms and Conditions for Student Meal Plans



Any student at UTM can purchase a Student Meal Plan.

If you are an Undergraduate Student living in Residence at the University of Toronto Mississauga, you are required to have a Student Meal Plan.




You must select a Student Meal Plan as part of the online Residence application process. Read more about Student Meal Plans on the Student Meal Plan Details page.

If you move into Residence late and/or applied for Residence in person, you must select your Student Meal Plan by visiting




Your Student Meal Plan will be billed by the University and will be charged to your ACORN account in two installments. 

Find out the the payment dates on the Important Dates & Deadlines page.

Find out how to pay for your Student Meal Plan on the Student Meal Plan Details page and select your particular Meal Plan year.

Please Note:

  • You will receive ALL of your Student Meal Plan dollars for your Basic and Flex accounts on the day you move into residence
  • The second installment posted to your ACORN account does not represent the addition of Basic or Flex dollars to your Student Meal Plan, it simply represents the charge for the unpaid portion of your Student Meal Plan



You can change your Student Meal Plan within the appropriate Student Meal Plan group once, on or prior to, the due date. Find out the last day to change your Student Meal Plan on the Important Dates & Deadlines page.

  • Any subsequent Student Meal Plan changes will be subjected to an administrative fee of $50 
  • To change your Student Meal Plan visit 
    *Please ensure you check the opening date for Student Meal Plan changes



Your Student Meal Plan Funds can only be accessed using your TCard.

  • Your Student Meal Plan is non-transferable and may only be used by the person to whom the Meal Plan was sold (i.e. the person whose name and picture are on the TCard)



You can add funds to your Student Meal Plan Basic and Flex Accounts online through the Online Meal Plan Management System by using Visa, VisaDebit, or MasterCard or by visiting the Hospitality & Retail Services Office. 



You can transfer funds from your Flex Account to your Basic Account by visiting the Hospitality & Retail Services Office. You cannot transfer funds from Basic Dollars to your Flex Account, due to the tax exempt status of your Basic Account.



  • All remaining funds in your Flex Account will be carried over to the following academic year
  • Only remaining funds in your Basic Account above the Minimum Commitment of Basic Dollars are eligible to be carried over

Please visit the Adding, Transferring, and Carrying Over Funds page to find out what you are eligable to carry over. 

  • The Carry Over account is called RezCarryover - RezCarryOver funds will be made available to you on your TCard two weeks after the end of the Winter Academic Term and expire at the end of the following Academic Year
  • RezCarryOver funds are not tax exempt and cannot be transferred to your Basic Account
  • Your RezCarryOver Account can be used at all food outlets, off-campus partners, and vending machines where your Student Meal Plan is accepted

Please visit the Adding, Transferring, and Carrying Over Funds page to find out when you are eligable to use your RezCarryOver funds.

  • Please contact the Hospitality & Retail Services Office for more information on Carry Over privileges



If you cannot find your TCard for any reason, it is strongly recommended that you deactivate your Student Meal Plan immediately to protect the balances on your Student Meal Plan Accounts.  Until your Student Meal Plan is deactivated, any purchases will be your responsibility and will not be reversed.

If you have lost your TCard, please contact the Hospitality & Retail Services Office to deactivate your TCard.

     Location: William G. Davis Building, Room 3127
     Phone: 905-569-4795

If you find your TCard, you will have to visit the Hospitality & Retail Services Office to reactivate your card.

If you do not find your TCard, you must visit Computing Services (I&ITS) in CCT 0160A, Lower Level, CCT Atrium and purchase a new TCard for $20. 

Please note: if you lose your TCard outside of operating hours of the Hospitality & Retail Services Office, you can still purchase food using your Student Meal Plan Account from Colman Commons only until the next time when the Hospitality & Retail Service Office is open. Please visit Colman Commons in Oscar Peterson Hall and speak with a Manager or Supervisor to find out how.

Visit the TCard Services website for more information.



You may cancel your Student Meal Plan and request a refund only if you elect to move out of residence or withdraw from the University.

  • You must make your refund request in the cancellation section by visiting Any refund request needs to be accompanied by proof of withdrawal authorization from Student Housing before a cancellation can be granted (Please Note: You will not be considered “Moved Out” of Residence until Hospitality & Retail Services has received notification from Student Housing & Residence Life that you have successfully returned your Residence Key Card)
  • If a Student Meal Plan refund is granted, it will be subject to a $50 administrative fee and to the application of a pro-rated charge
  • The Capital Improvement and Program Enhancement Component (C.I.P.E.) portion of your Meal Plan is not refundable
  • Should you be required by the University to withdraw from University of Toronto Mississauga, your Student Meal Plan will be cancelled and you will not be eligible for a refund
  • Please contact the Hospitality & Retail Services Office for more information on Student Meal Plan Cancellations and Refunds



Hospitality & Retail Services is bound by the University of Toronto Privacy Policies for collection, sharing, and storage of student information. 

Your TCard photo may appear at any point-of-sale terminal when you make a transaction for identity-verification purposes only.  This is for your safety and security, and your photo will not be stored in any way in the point-of-sale terminal.  See the TCard Terms & Conditions here.

When selecting a Meal Plan, students enter into an agreement with Hospitality & Retail Services and the University of Toronto.  As a result, Hospitality & Retail Services can only discuss meal plan-specific information, such as meal plan balances and purchase histories, directly with the student.  Parents, guardians, and other family members who wish to discuss a student's meal plan in detail must arrange a meeting with Hospitality & Retail Services with the student present, and consent from the student must be provided to Hospitality & Retail Services before specifics of a student's meal plan can be addressed at the meeting.

Hospitality & Retail Services will gladly address general meal plan questions with parents, guardians, and other family members that pertain to any meal plan policies and other information posted on this website.  Please contact us if you have any general meal plan inquiries via email or by phone.



On rare occasions, when the meal plan system is offline, meal plan holders can still make purchases using their meal plans.  UTM made this decision in order to allow students to still be able to purchase food when the network is experiencing unexpected downtime.  Meal plan holders will be responsible for any food charges incurred as a result of offline transactions. 

Please note, food purchases made when the meal plan system is offline will be applied within 72 hours of the system being reinstated. 



UTM has put in place procedures for Student Meal Plan holders living in Residence who have yet to obtain their TCard during Residence Move-In to be able to purchase food items using their meal plan until which time they have received their TCard.  These purchases can only be made at Colman Commons in Oscar Peterson Hall.  Students delayed in receiving their TCards must present their name and student number at the time of purchase.  Meal plan holders will be responsible for any food charges incurred from meal plan purchases made prior to resident students receiving their TCard. 


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