Fair Trade Campus - What does it Mean?

What does it mean to UTM to be Fair Trade?

  • All non branded food service outlets on campus will exclusively offer Fair Trade coffee, tea, sugar, and three or more Fair Trade chocolate bar options; Doi Chaang coffee, Numi, & Four O'Clock tea, Camino sugar, and Alter Eco, Me to We, Camino, and Green & Black's chocolate
  • All snack vending machines will offer Fair Trade chocolate bar options and the THEOS coffee vending machines will serve Fair Trade coffee 
  • All non-branded food service locations use Fair Trade cinnamon in cooking
  • UTM will host a selection of Fair Trade events throughout each academic year, including events such as Breakfast ‘n Learns, Lunch events, free product tastings, & giveaways. These events will not only provide an opportunity to try the products, but also be an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and be a part of something bigger than UTM.
  • Fair Trade Campus Week will continue to be a celebration of Fair Trade and will serve to carry on the conversation about Fair Trade initiatives for our campus
  • Our Fair Trade Steering Committee will govern how we move forward with implementing Fair Trade initiatives on campus
  • Every year we will commit to reconfirming our designation through Fair Trade Canada and will commit to adding more Fair Trade certified products to our campus.

Look for this symbol when purchasing coffee, tea, or chocolate on campus:


Questions? Contact us -

(905) 569-4795
Davis Building suite 3127