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UTM BYOC Discount

The UTM 'Bring Your Own Cup" Discount

We encourage the use of reusable cups and mugs wherever possible both on- and off-campus. To incentivize students, faculty, and staff to “Bring Your Own Cup”, all food service locations will discount your coffee or tea if you bring your own cup.

  • Fair Trade tea and coffee: 25 ¢ off (Available at the Davis Food Court, North Side Bistro, Fair Trade Café, and Colman Commons)
  • Second Cup: 25 ¢ discount on tea and coffee
  • Starbucks: 10 ¢ discount on tea and coffee
  • Tim Hortons: 10 ¢ discount on tea and coffee

In order to drive awareness of the discounts and to encourage everyone to use reusable mugs, the department of Hospitality & Retail Services has given away over 750 reusable mugs of different styles, varieties, and sizes to the community.


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