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"BYOC" Discount


We are temporarily pausing the “BYOC” discount program & the use of personal reusable cups on campus in care of our customers and staff. That said, we will continue to honor the discount if you demonstrate that you brought your own mug.

Thank you for your shared commitment in ensuring our campus remains healthy!

Our commitment to sustainability remains unchanged; this is a temporary program update.


What is This Discount? What Does it Mean?

We are committed to reducing waste on campus. Part of how we are doing that is by encouraging the use of reusable beverage cups & food containers both on- and off-campus. To incentivize students, faculty, and staff to “Bring Your Own Cup” we are providing a discount at all food service locations:

     Bring Your Own Cup Discount:

  • Fair Trade tea and coffee: 25 ¢ off (Available at the Davis Food Court, North Side Bistro, Fair Trade Café, and Colman Commons)
  • Second Cup: 25 ¢ discount on tea and coffee
  • Starbucks: 10 ¢ discount on tea and coffee
  • Tim Hortons: 10 ¢ discount on tea and coffee

We are Making an Impact!

In order to drive awareness of the discounts and to encourage everyone to use reusable mugs, the department of Hospitality & Retail Services has given away over 1,500 reusable mugs of different styles, varieties, and sizes to the community. We have also given out 500 reusable cold beverage and 500 reusable warm beverage Starbucks cups.

In the Fall 2019/2020 semester we have given over 4,400 BYOC discounts! We hope to see that number grow in the Winter 2019/2020 semester - so please, bring your own cup!


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