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UTM BYOC Discount

What is This Discount? What Does it Mean?

We are committed to reducing waste on campus! Part of how we are doing that is by encouraging the use of reusable beverage cups & food containers both on- and off-campus. To incentivize students, faculty, and staff to “Bring Your Own Cup” & "Bring Your Own Container" we are providing a discount at all food service locations:

     Bring Your Own Cup Discount:

  • Fair Trade tea and coffee: 25 ¢ off (Available at the Davis Food Court, North Side Bistro, Fair Trade Café, and Colman Commons)
  • Second Cup: 25 ¢ discount on tea and coffee
  • Starbucks: 10 ¢ discount on tea and coffee
  • Tim Hortons: 10 ¢ discount on tea and coffee

     Bring Your Own Container Discount:

  • Bring your own food container to any food service location on campus and get 25 ¢  off your meal
    • We cannot accept your reusable food containers at any stations that require cashiers to weigh your food in order to define the price

You are requried to use the provided packaging at The Salad Bar in Colman Commons (OPH) and The Salad Bar in the Davis Food Court, as well as the Yogurt & Fruit Bar in Colman Commons (OPH) and the Yogurt & Fruit Bar in the Davis Food Court

  • You must ensure your food container is big enough for the dish you are ordering

If the staff cannot reasonably fit your order into your container they will need to use the disposable packaging which will defeat the purpose of you bringing your own container, and you will not be eligable for the discount

  • You must let the staff know that you have your own container when you place your order so that they do not use the disposable packaging

If you do not provide your container at your time of order and the staff use disposable packaging, it has defeated the purpose of bringing your own container and reducing waste, and you will not be eligable for the discount

  • You must ensure your container is clean as cooking staff will not be able to wash your container for you. The cleanliness of your container is the sole responsibility of you, the consumer. UTM & Chartwells are not responsible for dirty or contaminated 'BYOC' containers.

We are Making an Impact!

In order to drive awareness of the discounts and to encourage everyone to use reusable mugs, the department of Hospitality & Retail Services has given away over 1,500 reusable mugs of different styles, varieties, and sizes to the community.

In the Fall 2019/2020 semester we have given over 4,400 BYOC discounts! We hope to see that number grow in the Winter 2019/2020 semester - so please, bring your own cup and container!


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BYOC Discount    BYOC Discount

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