China Mug Initiative


We are temporarily pausing the “BYOC” discount program & the use of personal reusable cups on campus in care of our customers and staff. That said, we will continue to honor the discount if you demonstrate that you brought your own mug.

Thank you for your shared commitment in ensuring our campus remains healthy!

Our commitment to sustainability remains unchanged; this is a temporary program update.


Our Commitment

In an effort to support other departments in affecting change we have offered to provide any department with as many china mugs as they need, so that every member of the team has one. By using reusable china mugs we are reducing the number of single-use coffee and tea cups and lids thrown into the garbage here at UTM.

Staff and faculty are able to bring their reusable china mugs when they purchase beverages at any food service locations (and get a discount) but also when they enjoy a beverage in their office, or at their desk.


Questions? Contact us -
(905) 569-4795
Davis Building suite 3127

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