Our Vision, Mission, and Values

The department of Hospitality & Ancillary Services has a clear vision we are working towards within the University of Toronto Mississauga vision, and a mission and set of values that will guide our every day interactions. We look forward to working with you!       

To make your experience, exceptional.

We are committed to providing hospitality and retail solutions for the needs of the UTM community in order to ensure all are nourished, guided, supported, heard, and understood.


Inclusivity         Knowledge
Innovation        Empathy
Value                Accountability
Collaboration    Sustainability


Wondering what our department is responsible for at the University of Toronto Mississauga?

We oversee all hospitality services on campus, as well as all of the ancillary programs and services on campus. This includes:

  • Food on Campus (we oversee the food service provider on campus)
  • Student Meal Plans 
  • Campus Value Plans for staff & faculty as well as non-resident students
  • The Print Shop
  • Mail services
  • A comprehensive list of sustainability initiatives 
  • Conferences & events
  • Catering
  • Table & room bookings
  • Parking


Questions? Contact us!

(905) 569-4795
William G. Davis building, Suite 3127

Making experiences, exceptional