More about Campus Value Plans

When should I use a Student Meal Plan?

If you're a UTM non-resident student, faculty, or staff.

Benefits of a Campus Value Plan:

  • You save 5% on most on campus food purchases
  • It's all conveniently right on your TCard
  • You can use it everywhere on campus & with our off campus partners
  • You can use it the Sheridan Trafalgar campus (select food service locations)

How it works:

  • The first time you sign up for the campus value plan the minimum deposit is $80
  • After that you can add money any time, and the minimum is only $20
  • Any remaining balance will carry over year to year
  • You can be refunded any left over funds (anything over $10)

Questions? Contact us -
(905) 569-4795

​Davis Building suite 3127