Regular Parcels

A Regular Parcel (as posted on the Canada Post website) refers to any LettermailTM that weighs more than 500g (1.1lbs) or any package that weighs up to 30kg (66lbs) and has the following minimum and maximum dimensions:

Regular Parcel







10cm (3.94in.)

7cm (2.76in.)

1mm (0.04in.)



Length = 2m (78.74in.)

Length + Girth = 3m (118.11in.)

30kg (66lbs)


Length: Longest side of your item
Width: Depth of your item
Height: Thickness of your item
Girth: Distance around your item (Girth = (width + height) x 2)

Please Note: any Parcel that exceeds the maximum size or height must be shipped using a Courier Service

To mail a parcel through Canada Post, please fill out our online form.

Please print the completed form and have it with your parcel when we come around to collect the mail.