Hospitality & Retail Services

*Updated March 25, 2020, 11:15 am*

Meal Plans:

Next week, we will be emailing all students who moved out of Residence before March 23rd to inform them of their final meal plan balances and subsequent carryover amounts based on the recent meal plan policy changes.

  • For those staying in Residence and continuing to spend meal plan funds, please note the final meal plan balances eligible for carryover will be determined after April 24th
  • For all students in residence, please note that Rez Carryover balances will appear on TCards after May 4th, and further review of our meal plan policies will take place after that time

Off Campus Food Partners:

  • ​Pita Pit delivery through Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, etc. & is still available for meal plan students
  • Please contact Pizza Pizza and Burger’s Priest directly for updates on their delivery service

The Print Shop:

  • Closed, with new online requests being monitored and postponed

Mail Services:

  • Incoming Canada Post and Inter-Campus deliveries and pickups are also continuing daily at UTM. 

  • If your department is OPEN: Mail delivery and pickup around campus will also continue as per our usual daily mail runs.

  • If your department is CLOSED but:
    • Your department still has staff on site to receive mail; and/or
    • Your department is expecting or needs to make an important and timely delivery through Canada Post or Inter-Campus Courier
      • Please notify UTM Mail ( so that we can either include your department in the usual mail rounds or ensure that your expected deliveries are taken care of. 

  • Please visit Canada Post’s website for specific updates from Canada Post.
  • Effective March 24, to align ourselves with Canada Post’s latest update on their delivery procedures, UTM Mail Services will no longer require signatures from departments for items that typically would require a signature. 


Conferences & Events:

  • All meetings, events, and catering are cancelled until March 31, 2020
    • This will be reassessed closer to March 31, 2020

The Bookstore:

Food Service:

  • Effective March 18th all food services operations (with the exception of Colman Commons Dining Hall in Oscar Peterson Hall*) and all catering services will be closed
    • Colman Commons hours of operation:
      • Tuesday March 24: 8:30 am-10 pm
      • Beginning March 25: 10 am - 7 pm
        • *Please note, the dining room is closed, but the food services remain open and active
  • Colmon Commons in Oscar Peterson Hall has changed the following standards:
    • Salads are packaged and soups are being served
    • The UTM "BYOC" programs have been suspended
    • All fruits and in-house baked items have been wrapped and protected
    • All cutlery has been wrapped and protected
    • All self-serve condiment stations will offer single-use condiment packets
    • Milkettes are also available to use
    • Colman Commons will continue with self-serve Fair Trade coffee and tea, however they have increased the frequency with which they are sanitizing the station


  • All vending services, with the exception of the vending machines in Roy Ivor and OPH, have been suspended
  • Roy Ivor and OPH vending machines are continuing to be regularly stocked and operational



  • For departments who use our central shredding drop-off service, please note that the shredding pickup and destruction service has been suspended until further notice
  • That said, we do have capacity in our secure bins to store to-be-shredded documents until the service resumes
  • If you wish to drop off or have us pick up boxes of to-be-shredded documents for storage in our secure bins, please contact us at UTM Mail ( to make arrangements


Questions? Contact us -
(905) 569-4795
Davis Building suite 3127