Food Service Contract for UTM

The New Food Service Contract has been Awarded...

In the spring of 2014, UTM set out to develop the next campus food service contract, to replace the existing contract with Chartwells, which expired on June 1, 2015.  At that time, Kaizen Foodservice Planning & Design Inc., was awarded the consulting project to:

  1. Determine the feasibility of establishing a self-operated food service model at UTM; and,
  2. If self-operation was not feasible, develop the Request-for-Proposal (RFP) and subsequent food service contract for the successful bidder.

Through a comprehensive study of industry standards, financial statements and the operating climate at UTM, Kaizen recommended that UTM not proceed with a self-operated food service model at this time – a decision that was endorsed by UTM’s Food Service Advisory Committee. 

During the RFP development phase, Kaizen implemented a community engagement program that included focus groups of all UTM stakeholders, open houses at various locations around campus, and an on-line survey of students, staff and faculty.  The results of this research were used to define what the UTM community was looking for in a new food service contract – these factors were critical in developing the RFP. 

Kaizen also managed the RFP bid evaluation process to determine which food service contractor would best meet UTM’s needs and, in turn, would provide the most value to the UTM community.  The bid evaluation process was presented to a working sub-group of the Food Service Advisory Committee, where it recommended the top two bidders to be invited to prepare a presentation as a final evaluation piece. 

Once the evaluation process was complete, Kaizen’s recommendations were presented and endorsed by the sub-group, which brought the recommendations forward to the Food Service Advisory Committee for further validation. As a result of the entire 16-month long process, the new food services contract was awarded to Chartwells.

Yes, it is the same food service contractor.

But it is a different food service contract

The Food Service Contract is posted here.  You will notice two important points about this contract. 

First of all, the term is shorter than the previous contract (five years with three one-year options as opposed to 10 years).  Secondly, the UTM community’s feedback was used by Kaizen to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as part of a Service Level Agreement.  UTM will measure Chartwells’ performance over the term of the contract against these KPIs, and should Chartwells not meet the KPIs, the contract allows UTM to hold Chartwells accountable to implementing immediate and decisive corrective action. 

In addition, several feedback mechanisms will be provided.

UTM, through the Hospitality and Retail Services Office and the Food Service Advisory Committee, will work hard to ensure that Chartwells is providing the level of service that the UTM community demands and deserves.  This new contract provides us with the means to do so.