UTM Food on Campus

Please be advised that our food service hours of operation, and operating locations, have changed. Please note the changes, below:

  • Effective March 18th all food services operations (with the exception of Colman Commons*) and all catering services will be closed
    • Colman Commons hours of operation:
      • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am-10 pm
      • Friday: 8:30 am-9 pm
      • Saturday: 9 am-9 pm
      • Sunday: 9 am-10 pm
        • *Please note, the dining room is closed, but the food services remain open and active
  • Colmon Commons in Oscar Peterson Hall has changed the following standards:
    • Salads are packaged and soups are being served
    • The UTM "BYOC" programs have been suspended
    • All fruits and in-house baked items have been wrapped and protected
    • All cutlery has been wrapped and protected
    • All self-serve condiment stations will offer single-use condiment packets
    • Milk and milk alternatives will be handled only by associates behind the counter
    • Milkettes are also available to use
    • All fountain beverage cups will be handled only by associates behind the counter
    • Colman Commons will continue with self-serve Fair Trade coffee and tea, however they have increased the frequency with which they are sanitizing the station


Hours of operation will be reassessed on April 3rd


Questions? Contact us -

(905) 569-4795
Davis Building suite 3127