Fair Trade Purchasing Policy

Fair Trade Purchasing Policy - Food and Beverages (Chartwells)

Compass Group (Chartwells) shares the concerns of its customers about the difficult conditions facing many growers in producing countries. We recognise that Fair Trade is one way, among others, of benefiting them. 

We will work with our suppliers and customers to understand and meet the needs of consumers in each local marketplace. Where demand exists this includes sourcing of Fair Trade products, and in particular Fair Trade tea and coffee. 

In addition to supporting Fair Trade we will encourage our main tea and coffee  suppliers to work in partnership with growers, offering appropriate technical advice, training and assistance to relevant research projects designed to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of their farms. This is also a sustainable way of improving the incomes and standard of living of the farmers in the long term.

We will continue to source from a variety of organisations to effectively meet the needs of our customers, and are willing to engage with new suppliers that can offer a consistent supply of ethically traded products, including Fair Trade and its alternatives.

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