Sally | The Salad Robot

SallyEnter Sally, the world’s first fresh food robot.

Since their inception, Chowbotics has been driven by a desire to make fresh food accessible to anyone, anywhere through Sally. Why?

Because almost half of Americans say that they don’t have time to buy and prep healthy food.1 And even if they do have time, 1 in 5 Americans claim they don’t have access to fresh fruit and vegetables.2

Their #freshforall mission illustrates their belief that fresh food should be easy for everyone, everywhere, at every time, and for every taste. It’s everything they proudly believe that Sally is capable of delivering. And it’s the motivating force behind the decisions they make as a company every day.



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SallyThe #FreshForAll Mission


It’s time we start fresh.

At Chowbotics, we’re using advanced robotics to make fresh, nutritious food easy. No meal prep, no crazy lunch bills, no hassle. Just real, delicious food personalized at the touch of a button for…



This is real food for real life.

We all deserve to pursue wellness, no matter the unique challenges we face in a day. Our technology makes meals made with fresh ingredients the easy choice….



This is fresh food in the most unexpected places. 

We’re hungry to erase the boundaries of fresh eating. We bring perishable ingredients to locations not previously possible at…


Sally…Every time

This is 24/7 access.

After-hours meals shouldn’t mean compromised food choices. Whether you’re an early-bird or night-owl, we seek to provide craveable customization options for…


…Every taste

This is personalization like never before. 

Go crazy for kale, turn up the beet, or even if you don’t carrot all, we want you to have the power to fill your bowl with the fresh foods you love.


This is, Fresh For All.


Grab a bowl and join us.



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