Internal Bookings


Lislehurst is a private University residence at UTM accessible to the Principal of UTM, and as such is not covered under the regular UTM space booking policy.  While available for internal UTM use, no personal or corporate bookings will be accepted for Lislehurst and the surrounding grounds with the exception of use as a stage set by the film industry.

The revenues from all Lislehurst bookings will be used to maintain and upgrade this historic property.

The main floor of Lislehurst is bookable space and can be altered based on 3 sets of layouts; round table set up, boardroom set up or reception style.

The policy below will be followed to ensure a successful event, and to protect UTM’s historic property.

Lislehurst bookings will be managed by the Conference & Events Services office and will be assessed on an individual basis.

  1. A request for booking should be submitted no later than 10 business days prior to event.
  2. The internal rental charge to reserve Lislehurst is $500 per day per event (7 hour period – max – 1 event only) by internal transfer.
  3. Lislehurst bookings will be done on a first come first serve basis. The UTM food policy will be applicable for all Lislehurst events. Catering can be ordered through Chartwells or Aura catering.
  4. A UTM Event Specialist will work with the client to determine catering requirements and will   make arrangements with Chartwells or Aura.
  5. All Lislehurst bookings will be put on hold when a completed internal booking form is submitted.
  6. The booking form will be reviewed within 2 business days of submission and a quote will be provided for the department to review.
  7. The department will confirm the charges within 2 business days of the provided quote and at that time transfer non-refundable 50% of the booking fee. 
  8. Cancellations that fail to give 5 business days’ notice, will be subject to the full $500 rental fee.  
  9. Lislehurst will be equipped with round tables and chairs, 6ft tables for board room style and charter tables for receptions
  10. Rental fees for cutlery, china, glassware’s and linen will apply and be determined by the selected catering provider (Chartwells or Aura) for events held at the premises.
  11. No personal bookings will be accepted for Lislehurst.


   Maximum capacity for an in-house function is 56 for a sit-down dinner or 100 for a stand-up cocktail reception.

  1. Maximum seating for a boardroom style set-up is 22 people with a dining room that holds 10.
  2. Outdoor events will be reviewed and assessed on an individual basis.


Each event requires a minimum of 1 Event Specialist (additional staff to be determined based on event). The UTM Event Specialist is the person that the client will work with to design and execute the event. Event staff will work with a team responsible for set-up, take down and maintenance of the property. The Event Specialist is not responsible for serving food or beverages during the event.

  1. The Event Specialist is to be present throughout the duration of the event including set up and tear down. 
  2. There will be a $30 per hour charge (4 hour minimum after regular business hours) for the Event Specialist to be on site and maintain the space as it is a heritage property (this is in addition to the $500 rental fee).
  3. Outdoor or large events may require increased staffing.
  4. Based on event requirements, a minimum of one service staff is required to be on site at each event (estimated to be between $18-$35 an hour with a 4 hour minimum).

House Preservation

  1. Clients are asked to be aware of the historical significance of Lislehurst and use the house with care and diligence.
  2. All decorations and room rearrangements are to be approved by Conference and Events staff.
  3. In order to maintain quality and service standards, necessary requirements are expected to be fulfilled by the client (for example: rental of linens, staffing etc.). These services will be arranged through Chartwells or Aura and Conference and Events staff will help arrange for all needs and provide a quote.
  4. The Client is fully responsible for the entire premises of Lislehurst during the rental period.  Damages to any part of the property caused by the Client or its guests will result in the client incurring all charges for repairs as deemed by the University. Within ten (10) days of demand from the University, the Client shall pay to the University the costs of said repairs.


The use of candles, fog/smoke machines, and dry ice is prohibited. The use of scotch tape, thumbtacks, or nails on the doors or walls, including paintings and murals, is also prohibited, as is moving furniture and fixtures. Hanging decorations or props from any lighting or equipment fixtures is strictly prohibited. Individuals and organizations will be held responsible for any negligent or intentional damage to the University property. Any such damage occurring during a scheduled event will be charged to the client.


There are 7 parking spots available for use at Lislehurst on the event day when the booking has been confirmed. Clients or guests of clients who plan to bring vehicles must be kept to a maximum of 7 cars which is covered by the rental fee. Pay and display parking for overflow can be used in Lot 9. Vehicles will be parked in designated areas only. The University is not responsible for parking violations, citations, or fines accrued by event participants.

Final payment is required upon receipt of final invoice. 


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