Halal Food Options

UTM offers a wide variety of halal food options every day, as well as daily, weekly and monthly specials, across campus.  

What you can expect every day:

North Side Bistro (Deerfield Hall):
• Pizza: Chicken shawarma
• Salad: Chicken shawarma 

Davis Food Court (William G. Davis Building):
• Bespoke Mongolian Grill: Beef, chicken, salmon, & shrimp 
• Shawarma: Beef, chicken, salmon, & shrimp 
• Fusion 8: Beef, chicken, salmon, & shrimp 
• Rotisserie: Chicken 

Colman Commons (Oscar Peterson Hall):
• Chef table: Chicken, beef, & salmon
• Menutainment: Chicken and beef 
• Grill: Chicken, beef, fish, & southwest steak
• Sandwich: Chicken
• Culinary: Chicken, beef, fish, & lamb
• Forno: Chicken & beef

IB Court (Instructional Building):
• Quesada: Flamed grilled chicken 

For questions regarding daily, weekly, or monthly specials, please visit the 2020 Food Service webpage.



Questions? Contact us!

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Davis Building suite 3127

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