More about Student Meal Plans

When should I use a Student Meal Plan?

If you are a UTM Student.

Resident Students: A student meal plan is required
A student meal plan ensures that your dining requirements are covered for the academic year, allowing you to focus on other activities that will help you succeed at UTM.

Non-Resident Students: Not required
You can choose to purchase a student meal plan as a way to budget your food purchases throughout the year.  If you know that you will be spending time on campus outside of just going to classes, then you may want to consider a Student Meal Plan.

Benefits of a Student Meal Plan:

  • "Basic" dollar purchases allow you a tax savings of up to 13% off of qualifying purchases (prepared food and beverages)
  • You can use the online Budget Planner to see how your spending compares in order to adjust your spending, move to a smaller plan in your Group (within one month after first-year move-in; see Important Dates and Deadlines for confirmation), or add to money to your account as required
  • The funds are deposited directly on your TCard and can be used whenever you need to make a food or beverage purchase, just swipe and go!
  • You can use your student meal plan funds at all food service locations on campus, as well as with the off campus partners

Please note: UTM Student Meal Plans cannot be used at U of T St. George campus affiliated Colleges, or at UTSC.

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