2022/23 Fall/Winter - History: Topic Courses

HIS392H5F - Topics in Global History: Russia vs. Ukraine from a Historical Perspective, 988-2022 (J. Borzecki)



HIS395H5F - Topics in History: Settler Colonialism, Violence, and Revolution: The Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya (J. MacArthur)

This course examines settler colonialism, violence, and revolution through the case of the Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya. We will look at the different forms and impacts of settler colonialism; local moral economies; gender and generational dimensions; propaganda, revolutionary thought, and forms of violence; decolonization, memory, and the legacies of conflict.


HIS395H5S - Topics in History: Gender in Nineteenth-Century Latin America (C. Rodriguez)

This course explores the important role that gendered practices, peoples, and spaces had in the nation-budling projects of 19th century Latin America. We will read novels, short stories, chronicles, travel logs, historical documents, manuals, and poems published from Mexico to Argentina between the 1800 and 1920. Our goal will be to understand how and why gendered standpoints were deployed as tools for regulating public practices.


HIS494H5S - Advanced Topics in the History of the Americas: US Politics and Culture in the 1970s (C. Wellum)

This seminar explores American culture and politics in the 1970s, a pivotal but often overlooked decade in recent history. Students will engage in an interdisciplinary manner with an array of key topics and methodological approaches. Topics include environmentalism, identity politics, popular culture, economic shifts, Watergate and the “crisis of confidence”, the energy and population crises, the Vietnam War and America’s global role, and the politics of the family. In addition to seminar discussions, students will develop an original research project on a topic of their choice.