Rebecca Moorman

Rebecca Moorman

Assistant Professor (Limited Term) Historical Studies
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Rebecca Moorman is a classicist specializing in Republican and Imperial Latin literature. Her research examines the aesthetics of disgust and multisensory experience in ancient literature, especially Latin poetry. Dr. Moorman is particularly interested in the ways disgust is used to both instruct and captivate ancient readers. Current projects include a reading of the plague concluding Lucretius' De Rerum Natura, a study of scaphism ("the boats") in Plutarch's Artaxerxes, and an exploration of the metapoetics of spitting in ancient notions of aesthetic taste.

Dr. Moorman teaches courses on Ancient Greek and Latin, Greek and Roman literature, and Roman culture and society. In her teaching, Dr. Moorman emphasizes Greek and Roman literature's enduring ability to provide new perspectives for understanding culture and appreciating difference in the world today. 

Dr. Moorman holds a PhD and MA in Classics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA in Classical Languages from Macalester College. General research and teaching interests include Latin poetry, the Roman novel, aesthetic theory and literary criticism, and Hellenistic and Roman philosophy.

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Current Courses:


CLA233H5: Introduction to Roman Culture and Society

GRK211H5: Introductory Ancient Greek I 


CLA395H5: Horror and the Grotesque in Ancient Rome

GRK212H5: Introductory Ancient Greek II