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Post-Doctoral FellowHistorical Studies - History of Religions

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Mohammad Houshisadat

Seyed Mohammad Houshisadat is assistant professor in Middle East Politics and History at the University of Tehran, Iran since 2013. He served as the post-doctoral fellow at the State University of New York, USA, and has been visiting professor at the University of Toronto, Canada since October 2017. His areas of specialization encompass Middle Eastern history and politics, energy studies and Iranian foreign policy. He is the author of three books, The Coming LNG Boom, the Persian Gulf Gas Supply and the EU Energy Security (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013), Socio-Political History of the Middle East; since Antiquity by the Post-Modern Era (University of Tehran Press, 2015), and Iranian Dialectics; Analytical History of Iran's Foreign Relations in the Middle East (University of Tehran Press, 2015). He has authored numerous articles and book chapters: “Iran’s Gas Politics towards the EU after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” in Integration and Disintegration in the Post-Arab Spring Middle East, (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016); “The Impacts of the Probable Fourth Arab Awakening in the Middle East on the European Neighbourhood Policy,” in Transformation Processes in Egypt after 2011- the Causes, Their Course and International Response (Berlin: Logos Verlag, 2015); “Would the Fourth Arab Awakening in the Middle East Happen in the Persian Gulf?Tamkang Journal of International Affairs (2016), “The Role of Iran’s Future Liquid Natural Gas Supply in the EU’s Energy Security” Asian Affairs (2015); “The Impacts of US Shale Gas on the Geopolitics of the Middle East” Geopolitics of Energy (2015); “Persian Gulf Gas and LNG in the EU’s Goals for Security of Gas Supply by 2030” Polish Quarterly of International Affairs (2015); and “Iran and the BRICS: The Energy Factor”, Iranian Review of Foreign Affairs (2013). He has; moreover, participated in several international conferences in Iran, England, Poland, USA, and Canada.


BA in Political Science, University of Tehran, Iran

MA in European Studies, University of Allameh, Iran

Pre-PhD, EF Cambridge, England

PhD in Middle East Politics, Durham University, England

Post-Doctoral in Iran's Foreign Relations in the Middle East,

State University of New York at Stony Brook