Haghighi, Alireza Namvar

Sessional LecturerHistorical Studies - History of Religions

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Dr. Alireza Haghighi did his BA, MA and PhD in Tehran University in the Faculty of Political Science and Law. His PhD thesis was on “The Religious Intellectuals and the Problem of Democracy”. He has done extensive research on Islam, modernity and Islamic reform. His publications include The Process of Islamization in Turkey (Tehran: Cultural Deputy, 1994) and “Politics and Cinema in Post-Revolutionary Iran: An Uneasy Relationship” in The New Iranian Cinema: Politics Representation and Identity (London: I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd, 2002). Dr. Haghighi has been a researcher for television programmes such as People’s President (CNN) and 44 Days (BBC).


Ph.D. Tehran University