The Book on Display: Image and Narrative in Medieval Tibet

poster - Sarah Richardson RSLT Colloquium
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 1:34pm
Heather Thornton
Upcoming: Sarah Richardson will be giving a lecture for the Religious Studies Colloquium at the University of California Riverside on January 25th 2018 titled "The Book on Display: Image and Narrative in Medieval Tibet."

In the 14th century, innovative monks from Tibet's Shalu temple reimagined space and mural painting to provide public access to text. Illustrating stories of the Buddha's former lives along a pilgrim's passageway, the book thereafter became a traversable experience. Dr. Sarah Richardson will be speaking to this topic at the UCR Religious Studies Colloquium on Thursday, January 25th from 11:10am -12:30pm, INTN 2043, University of California Riverside. The title of her talk is The Book on Display: Image & Narrative in Medieval Tibet.