2022 Summer - Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Topic Courses

WGS337H5S: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Gender and Well-being (E. Davis)

This course considers issues of gender and well-being from intersectional feminist and sexuality studies perspectives and in relation to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Key themes addressed in this course include feminist and disability studies approaches to care, self-care, (mental) health, and normality; the Foucauldian concepts of biopolitics and care of the self; and the symbolic and social function of gender(ing) for conceptions of nation, race, and the “healthy” social body.  The course will explore how gender and sexuality mediate social conceptions of the well-being of  individuals, groups, societies, and nations, as well as how feminist scholars and activists have challenged existing conceptions of well-being, normality, health, and care.