2019-2020 - Women and Gender Studies: Topic Courses

WGS337H5F: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Sustainability, Society and Feminist Praxis (C. Grey)

This course employs "sustainability" as a starting point to think through a feminist politic of care. Students will explore the different ways that feminist scholarship has sought to direct government policy and respond to economic and climatic crises. In doing so, students will consider our relationship to the environment, reflecting on the effects of human-made environmental degradation and the specific ways people are affects along lines of race, gender, sexuality and citizenship. Weekly topics include fashion, popular culture, food, land and water justice.

WGS434H5F: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Reimagining the Archive, Pedagogical Practices and Theories (B. Bain)

This seminar will challenge the notion of the archives as institutions and repositories of historical “truths” about the lives and experiences of colonized peoples.  It will also examine how the workings of power refuses to document or reveal the presence of multiple lives and experiences in the spaces of the archive and how feminist theorists, artists and activists are intervening, reimagining and rethinking those spaces.

WGS434H5S: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Black Performance: Practices of Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture and Everyday Life (C. Lord)

Performance is a mode of analysis, a way of studying how embodied practices are enacted in a variety of settings and environments. This upper-level undergraduate course will provide students with an understanding of how Black performance as a field of study, is read, interpreted and experienced in popular culture and everyday life. Students will focus on texts and cultural work produced by scholars, critics and artists who attend to how blackness, as it intersects with gender, sexuality, ability and other social identities operates across a broad range of performance sites: music, art, film, dance, theatre, urban and rual spaces, and social media.