2021-22 Fall/Winter - Diaspora and Transnational Studies: Topic Courses

DTS401H5F - Advanced Topics in Diaspora and Transnational Studies: Here and Home: Confronting Family History (E. Bredovskis)

This course examines how scholars, artists, and ordinary people have investigated their family’s history. We will take a closer look at the sometimes-blurry line between scholarly research and personal historical self-reflection. This course’s discussion is centered on (but not limited to) questions such as: How do families remember (or forget) their (genealogical, ethnic, racial, religious, and political) histories? How do individuals grapple with competing and contradictory narratives? How have professional historians, community historians, and ordinary people come to terms with their family’s past? What do we gain from using different literary genres and forms of media to remember our past?