2019-2020 Diaspora and Transnational Studies: Topic Courses

DTS401H5SAdvanced Topics in Diaspora and Transnational Studies: Education, Aspiration and Identity Among Diaspora Children and Youth (H. Ganapathy-Coleman)

Schooling is widely recognized as the surest path to social mobility and overall well-being. But research across disciplines like psychology, anthropology, education, and cultural studies informs us that education, as provided and as received, is uneven depending on a variety of geographical, historical, institutional and individual factors. So, what are diaspora children and youth’s experiences within classrooms and educational institutions in North America and Europe, and more specifically within Canada and the GTA? How successful are schools in imparting academic knowledge and skills within classrooms? What sorts of lessons about cultural idioms and codes do children and youth of the diaspora learn from their school friends and peers in school playgrounds, during field trips and while commuting to and from school? How do these experiences impact the self-understandings and aspirations of diaspora youth? In this course, we will focus on how the realities of formal education have the power to both, ease and complicate the transitions and lives of immigrant children and youth.