Showcase for CLA Student Research


2021 CLA204H5 Introduction to Classical Mythology: Hymns to Greek gods, heroes, and other mythical beings

In the Summer (F) term of 2021, students taking CLA204H5 Introduction to Classical Mythology with Prof. Mareile Haase assumed the role of mythographers and wrote their own hymns in praise of a god, hero, or mythical being of their choice. While their creations are inspired by the structure, organization and formulae of extant Greek hymns of the Archaic period, the unique voice and approach of each author shines through and often highlights unexpected aspects of the hymn's addressee. Check out selected hymns here!


2021 CLA395H5 Horror Symposium

In the Winter term of 2021, students taking the CLA395H5 topics course, Horror and the Grotesque in Ancient Rome researched a range of topics from aesthetic theories of the grotesque to the reception of ancient werewolves in MTV's Teen Wolf.

Sending a shudder down your spine...the result of their individual and group research projects culmulated in the Horror Symposium. View more here...if you dare!