Wellness Ambassadors


Peer health education is an integral component of the student outreach efforts of the UTM Health & Counselling Centre. The Wellness Ambassadors Program provides students with information, tools, and resources to empower them to make healthy choices in support of their personal and academic goals; and supports the development of healthy systems and structures that encourage and foster student health and well-being on campus.

The Wellness Ambassadors Program encompasses over 100 Volunteer & Work-Study students who participate in one of the following five teams:

  1. Physical Health
  2. Mental Health 
  3. ​Harm Reduction
  4. Wellness at Home
  5. Communications & Outreach

Visit our Volunteer Opportunities and Paid Opportunities pages for information on how to get involved with the Wellness Ambassadors Program.

For further information about the UTM Wellness Ambassadors Program, please contact Ravi Gabble, MPH, Health Education Coordinator at ravinder.gabble@utoronto.ca.