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The Health & Counselling Centre (HCC) offers a wide range of wellness events and workshops that are facilitated by health professional staff (Counsellors, Nurses, Health Promoters, etc.) and students (Wellness Ambassadors). Our programming is focused on maintaining and improving physical and mental wellness with the unique needs and pressures of UTM students in mind.

UTM students are eligible to receive a CCR credit for their participation in wellness programming during the academic year.



  1. Register for and attend a minimum of 4 events and/or workshops hosted by the HCC between September and August of the following year.
  2. Complete the Wellness CCR Passport. Please complete this short Passport after each attended session. A minimum of 4 seperate entries are required. 
  3. Once your activities have been verified, your CCR credit will be confirmed and added to your CCR transcript. Approvals will take place each August.


List of Eligible Activities:

Stream (1): Personal Counsellor Facilitated Workshops

Learn more here: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/health/counselling-groups


Stream (2): Wellness at Home Events

Wellness at Home is an online initiative featuring daily opportunities for wellness such as workshops, activities, resources and more.

  • Together Tuesday Sessions
  • Wellness Wednesday: Wellness 101 Workshops
  • Kimberly’s Kitchen Cooking Tutorials

Learn more here: 




Stream (3): Wellness at UTM Events 

Join us throughout the academic year for virtual wellness events led by the UTM Wellness Ambassadors. 

Learn more here: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/health/wellness/wellness-utm-events 

Please note the Be Well UTM Fair is not elligible as they provide their own unique CCR opportunity.