Volunteer Opportunities

Wellness Ambassadors group photo


Interested in joining our team? We are now recruiting Wellness Ambassadors for 2019-20!

Method of Application:

Please e-mail Ravi Gabble, Health Education Coordinator at ravinder.gabble@utoronto.ca to request further information about the application process by July 19, 2019 11:59 ET.


Volunteering as a Wellness Ambassador will provide you with an opportunity to: 

  • meet new friends and become part of a dedicated and passionate community of people
  • learn more about a variety of campus programs and initiatives
  • participate in events and campaigns that are of personal interest
  • contribute towards a healthier campus environment
  • gain transferrable skills including leadership, teamwork, and communication skills
  • prepare for a future career in health care, education, public relations, marketing, and more
  • earn a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) credit

Wellness Ambassadors can choose to participate in one of two program streams: (1) Education or (2) Outreach.

Stream (1): Education. The health education teams – Physical Health and Mental Health & Safety – are responsible for the development and delivery of peer health education events and initiatives on campus, specific to their respective health topic area. Each team consists of 10 volunteers plus a Team Lead and Assistant Team Lead. Given the smaller team sizes, members work closely together over the course of the academic year and meet on a weekly basis. There is also a minimum volunteer commitment for these teams at 15-20 hours per month (plus attendance at mandatory events).

Stream (2): Outreach. The Outreach & Special Events Team is responsible for the ongoing promotions and outreach for the program (via educational booths, walkabouts, class announcements) and staffing major campus events during the year (e.g., UTM Exam Jam, GLICE Skate Event, YOLO Pub Night). The Outreach & Special Events Team consists of over 50 volunteers who are supported by a Team Lead and Associate Team Lead. In contrast to the education teams, the minimum volunteer commitment for the Outreach & Special Events Team is 3-5 hours per month (plus attendance at mandatory events).

Co-Curricular Record (CCR):

For the Physical Health, Mental Health & Safety, and Leave the Pack Behind Teams, students who complete the minimum time commitment will be eligible to have the Wellness Ambassador Program listed on their Co-Curricular Record.

For the Outreach & Special Events Team, students who attend a full volunteer orientation, volunteer a minimum of hours (15, 30 or 45), and complete a written reflection of their volunteer experience will be eligible to have the Wellness Ambassador Program listed on their Co-Curricular Record.