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The Peers Supporting Peers Program offers peer-led Wellness Workshops at various days and times weekly, which are open to all UTM students. Students can simply attend to listen and learn, or to connect 1:1 with a Mentor….the choice is yours! 

All PSP programming is CCR approved. Attend 2 out of the 4 PSP workshops listed and get a CCR credit. Further details are provided during the workshops.

For more information about our upcoming workshop schedule and registration details, please see below.


***Please note: PSP Workshops have now concluded for the 2021/22 academic year. Watch this space for more information about our offerings for the 2022/23 academic year.*** 

Workshop Schedule

Week # Module Dates & Times Registration
1 Self-Management



Discovering your Wellness



Building your Mental Health Roadmap



Creating a Wellness Log




Workshop Descriptions

Week 1 | Discovering Your Wellness

Facilitators: Upper Year Peer Mentors

Taking proactive steps to improve your wellness can be tough when you’re a busy student.   This peer-led workshop will introduce the topic of wellness and will lead you through a wellness assessment and make suggestions for activities that may improve your overall wellness.  Fellow students will also provide you with the chance to meet 1:1 with upper year student mentors to set individual goals, get personal support and to talk to someone who has walked a mile in your shoes.


Week 2 | Creating a Wellness Log

Facilitators: Upper Year Peer Mentors

This peer-led interactive workshop introduces students to wellness strategies that they can integrate into their daily routine. Students are provided with tools to help them track their daily habits, recognize patterns of behaviours that may be impacting their overall wellbeing, and to set achievable wellness goals.   You will be provided with an opportunity to meet with an upper-year Peer Mentor for personalized support and strategy development.


Week 3 | Self-Management

Getting stressed out and overwhelmed by schoolwork?  Want some new strategies for managing exam time?  Noticing that you don’t have time for what you actually want to do?  Please join us for this peer-led workshop on learning to manage yourself and your responsibilities.  Come to get information and support from those in the same boat….fellow students!


Week 4 | Building yous Mental Health Roadmap

This peer-led interactive workshop encourages the student to proactively identify 5 key stages along with their mental health roadmap:

1. What are the things that cause them to feel stressed?
2. How do those stressors impact how they feel and act?
3. How do they typically cope with stress?
4. How will they recognize when the stress they’re experiencing becomes unmanageable?
5. Who is part of their support network – when they need to ask for help, where would they go?

You will have a chance to meet 1:1 with upper-year UTM Mentors to get individualized support, strategies and help with goal setting if you choose.